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About Us

URTEQi is a global IT company that provides business development and IT solutions worldwide. URTEQi offers the experts that a pro-active oriented and market opportunity seeking company needs to develop and product distribution and new market segments in brand new markets.

URTEQi intends to provide the clients with more than just information & planning tools, we intend to provide quality information that is customized to clients needs, in the process assisting them on how to best use the available information. By employing our services, our clients are assured of consultants dedicated to finding the right answer for their business and enabling them to benefit long after we have finished our work.

Our Services


Brand Development

The internet is a vast place, and it can be hard to stick out from the crowd. That's why you need to develop your brand, whether it's a new logo, an online store, a website or business cards. We will take ideas and work with you to make your digital presence "you".


Mobile App Development

Whether it's an e-commerce application, gaming application or service application, URTEQi IT solutions offers you with a creative and responsive mobile application which suits our clients requirements.


Cloud Computing

We provide Cloud computing services which results into enhanced and simplified IT management and maintenance capabilities through central administration of resources, vendor managed infrastructure and SLA backed agreements.


Digital Marketing

We are professional and expert in delivering the exception and excellent Digital Marketing Consultancy Services to clients. It ensures accuracy and accessibility of productive sales. When you hire UrTeQi for Digital Marketing Consultancy, you get an entire team of creative, passionate, insightful thinkers united in cause for success of your brand.


Web Design & Development

We sit down with you and figure out the best look for your website. Our goal is to supply you with a design that is attractive and helps your brand and your business grow. We assist our clients by providing expert web developers and assure them to increase their e-commerce growth.

Business services

Financing and Accounting Services


We provide complete solutions of finance and accounting services, which ranges from wealth management, order to cash, partial decision making, financial accounting, high end business designing to integration. With experts, UrTeQi provides end to end finanial accounting services aimed specifically to generate efficiency gains and cost savings for the clients.

Telemarketing Services


As businesses across the globe are exploring opportunities to reach out to a larger consumer base, outbound telemarketing is increasingly emerging as one of the leading, most effective, and economical marketing strategies. We provides complete and efficient telemarketing services to our clients.

Virtual Reception Services


It can sometimes be a wise decision to add a virtual receptionist to your business to make your customer service more efficient.

UrTeQi 's virtual receptionists are available at a low cost and are a good addition to your business. They utilize good communication skills because they are expert in their services. This is the age of IP communication and that makes the customer services easier.

Customer Service Outsourcing


Digital consumer demand and expect a brand to exceed their expectations every time they deal with a brand. The customers have a wide array of choices when it comes to choosing the right product to buy and would always go with the best in the market that fits their budget. Delivering a remarkable customer experience (CX) is crucial for a business to survive in this age of digital transformation. UrTeQi's Intelligent customer interaction management facilitates in addressing key challenges every business faces in delivering best customer service.

Business Consulting and Intelligence


Projects are increasing in size and complexity, and usually including business transformation. Large, complex and transformational projects carry risk which means the role of a Consultant is more important than ever.

 So what are the benefits of having them on your projects?

 UrTeQi's Consultant excels in two core areas; consulting and product specific expertise. This enables them to bridge the gap between business and IT, by speaking a common language to deliver a product that meets requirements, supports a future vision and provides true value.