Experience Cross Platform Compatibility with URTEQi

At URTEQi, we excel in crafting mobile applications that exhibit seamless performance on both Android and iOS platforms. Within our cross-platform app development company, we take pride in housing a team of astute, innovative, and seasoned app developers. They possess the prowess to engineer cross-platform software that embodies simplicity, efficiency, and demands minimal maintenance.

Cross Platform Mobile Development Services

Cross platform Development Consulting

Our cross platform mobile app development consulting experts can help businesses map features list and select technology and development approaches. We can make recommendations based on our decade-long experience as a cross platform app development company.

Design & Development

Our best app developers know the art of cross platform application development using frameworks like React Native, Xamarin, or Flutter. The applications work seamlessly across all devices and operating systems (iOS and Android cross platform).

Quality Assurance

Quality assurance and testing services to ensure cross-platform apps perform as expected across different devices.

Maintenance & Support

Cross-platform app maintenance and support services to ensure app functionality is maintained and issues are resolved on time.


Integration services for cross-platform apps, including integrating with third-party APIs and service providers.

Migration Services

Migration services to help clients migrate their existing apps to cross-platform environments.

Hybrid App Development

Hybrid app development services using technologies like HTML5 and Cordova.

Backend Development Services

Backend development services and API development for cross-platform app integration.

Extension of Your Cross platform Application Development Force

We collaborate with our clients to become an extension of their cross-platform development force.

PoC/MVP App Development

We specialize in developing proof of concept (PoC) and minimum viable product (MVP) apps for startups and businesses. Our team will help you create an Android App that can be tested and refined for optimal performance.

Cloud Services

Cloud integration and app hosting services.

Analytics and Reporting

Cross-platform app analytics and reporting services to provide insights into user behaviour and app performance.

Harness the Power of Mobility Through Cross-Platform App Development

Embark on a journey with our esteemed clientele and tap into the exceptional services offered by the premier cross-platform app development company.

Industrial Solutions

Our expertise lies in crafting cross-platform software tailored for industrial solutions, spanning manufacturing, logistics, and transportation. We engineer industrial applications renowned for their scalability, reliability, and robust security.

Consumer-Centric Innovation

Our cross-platform application development company extends its prowess to consumer-centric applications, encompassing social media, entertainment, and lifestyle apps. We specialize in creating immersive user experiences that resonate with your audience.

Empowering IoT Capabilities

Leverage the potential of IoT through our cross-platform mobile applications. Unlock the realm of cutting-edge applications seamlessly interacting with an array of hardware and sensors, propelling your IoT initiatives forward.

Hybrid Mobile Applications - The Best of Both Mobile Platforms

  • Hybrid app development seamlessly ensures compatibility across multiple platforms, resulting in significant reductions in both development time and costs.
  • By adopting hybrid development strategies, businesses can effortlessly expand their reach to a broader audience, as these applications seamlessly operate on both Android and iOS devices.
  • Our adept team harnesses the capabilities of robust tools and frameworks, including React Native and Xamarin, to craft hybrid apps known for their exceptional speed, efficiency, and user-centric design, ensuring a stellar user experience

Why URTEQi Stands Out?

What distinguishes us is our unwavering dedication to customer success and our unwavering pursuit of design excellence.

In pursuit of this, we collaborate closely with you to engineer enduring applications that are built to withstand the test of time.

Market-Tested Designs

User-Centric Development

100% Native Code

Performance & Scalability

App Development Wizards

Test-Driven Development

Application Performance Optimization

Around-the-Clock Support


Cross Platform App Development Company:

Creating Apps for All Industries

Education Reinvented

We are at the forefront of cross-platform educational app development, empowering educational institutions to effortlessly reach all students, regardless of the devices they use.

Revolutionizing Healthcare

Our expert cross-platform mobile app developers ensure the delivery of top-notch digital healthcare assistance across all mobile devices, guaranteeing access to quality healthcare for all.

Elevating Entertainment

Our entertainment apps redefine user experiences, offering seamless and captivating interactions regardless of the user's operating system.

Insurance Simplified

Within our esteemed cross-platform app development company, we craft insurance apps that streamline insurance processes and grant users real-time access to insurance providers, making insurance management hassle-free.

Retail & eCommerce Excellence

Through the prowess of our cross-platform app development company, we provide users with a frictionless eCommerce journey, accessible across all mobile devices, ensuring a shopping experience like no other.

Transforming Travel & Hospitality

As a premier cross-platform app development company, we create cutting-edge mobile apps for the travel and hospitality industry. Our solutions grant users real-time access to travel information, booking services, and a myriad of travel-related conveniences.

Connecting Sports & Fans

Our cross-platform app development prowess extends to sports apps, ensuring that every fan can connect with their favorite teams and access the latest updates effortlessly.

Revolutionizing FinTech

URTEQi revolutionizes finance through user-friendly cross-platform mobile development techniques, making finance accessible, enjoyable, and comprehensible to individuals of all backgrounds.

Versatile Payment Solutions

Tailored Engagement Models

Delivering convenience to our clients is of paramount importance to us.

Fixed Price Structure

Under this model, we establish the project's cost upfront. It is ideal for projects with a well-defined scope of mobile application development and ensures that costs remain unchanged until project completion.

Time and Resource Billing Model

This model compensates for the time and resources invested in a specific project. It offers heightened flexibility and accommodates changes in requirements, aligning seamlessly with the principles of agile methodology.

Dedicated Development Teams

When embarking on a long-term project, selecting a dedicated team of mobile application development experts is the optimal choice. This approach fosters deeper involvement in the development process, ensuring your project's success.