What Makes Our iOS App Development Company Stand Out?

URTEQi emerges as the prime destination for your iOS native app development requisites. Serving as your technology ally, we provide a comprehensive solution tailored to your iOS native app aspirations. Delve into the advantages of collaborating with us.

  • Embrace Transparent Communication, Shared Triumphs, and Value-Centric Bonds.
  • Rely on an Accomplished Cohort of iPhone App Developers with a Resounding History of Crafting Thriving iOS Applications.
  • Creating apps with seamless design, advanced app capabilities and engineering processes.
  • Tailored Solutions for Every Client, Ensuring Streamlined Implementation and Financial Prudence.
  • Unwavering Post-Launch Maintenance and Update Assistance for Our Esteemed Clients
  • Commitment to Data Security, Intellectual Property Safeguarding, and Source Code Conferment.
  • Backed by a Dedicated Team of 50+ Seasoned Developers, Proficiently Operating In-House


What Process Makes us a Reputable iPhone App Development Company?

At our iOS app development company, we follow a well-structured process to ensure the success of your app. Here are the steps we take to make your mobile app really stand out.

App Discovery

As a seasoned iOS mobile app development firm, we conduct in-depth analysis of app prerequisites and conduct thorough market research to comprehend the app's purpose and its intended audience.

UI/UX Design

At our iOS app development company, our adept graphic designers fashion captivating and user-centric interfaces for your iOS devices, ensuring heightened user engagement.

Multi-platform Development

Rest assured that your iPhone app will seamlessly traverse all Apple platforms, operating systems, and iOS iterations, thanks to our meticulous multi-platform development approach.

Quality Assurance

Within our iOS app development company, our dedicated quality assurance team engages in exhaustive beta testing, ensuring flawless functionality and an instinctively user-friendly experience for your app.

App Store Submission

Entrust us with the complete app submission process. We meticulously ensure that your app aligns with Apple's guidelines, securing smooth approval without a hitch.

Post-launch Maintenance

Our 24/7 support team remains at your service, addressing any issues or updates your app may require post-launch. Count on us to maintain your app's up-to-date performance and seamless operation.

We Create iOS App Compatible with Every Device

iPhone App Development

Our team of adept Apple app developers crafts iOS applications that are meticulously fine-tuned for top-tier performance, impeccable compatibility, and a truly extraordinary user experience.

iPad App Development

With unwavering commitment to a user-centric design, our iPad app development prowess ensures your applications are honed for peak performance, exceptional usability, and seamless operation across the entire spectrum of iPad models.

Apple Watch App Development

Enlist the expertise of our finest iOS app developers to create an app version that seamlessly extends to Apple Watches and other Apple devices. Our dedication to enhancing your business's progress is exemplified through our comprehensive iOS app development services.

Apple TV App Development

Zeroing in on both performance and compatibility, your tailored iOS app development journey extends flawlessly to all Apple TV models. Witness your custom app excel across the Apple ecosystem like never before.

Precision-Crafted iOS App Development Solutions for Your Enterprise

Positioned as a trailblazing iOS app development powerhouse, we extend an array of meticulously tailored services designed to propel businesses like yours towards enduring success. Partner with our proficient team to unlock.

iOS App Development Consultation

Prior to embarking on the app development journey, our foremost step involves engaging with you in comprehensive consultations. This dialogue allows us to grasp your business objectives, identify your target demographic, and understand your specific requirements. Armed with this understanding, we strategically architect a development plan that not only aligns seamlessly with your business goals but also ensures optimal outcomes.

iOS UI/UX Design

Within our creative ecosystem, our team of UI/UX designers collaborates harmoniously with our adept Apple app developers, crafting iOS applications that marry outstanding design aesthetics with exceptional user experiences. We recognize the pivotal role design plays in fostering user engagement and long-term retention. Thus, every intricate facet of our design process is meticulously addressed to foster immersive experiences.

Custom iOS Application Development

At URTEQi, we specialize in tailoring bespoke iPhone applications, catering to an extensive spectrum of enterprises, ranging from burgeoning startups to established Fortune 500 giants.

iOS Software Testing

Our unwavering commitment to delivering unparalleled quality remains a cornerstone of our approach. Rigorous software testing is seamlessly integrated into every developmental phase, thereby ensuring that the final product is devoid of errors and promptly delivered.

iOS Apps for Multiple Platforms

Within the realms of URTEQi, we are fervently engaged in the artistry of crafting iOS applications across Apple's entire spectrum of platforms, embracing iOS, macOS, watchOS, and tvOS. This multidimensional approach ensues an interconnectedness that bridges the divide between diverse platforms and devices, facilitating your audience's unobstructed connectivity

Hire iOS App Developers

Delving into the heart of our iOS app development prowess, we invite you to explore the depth of our developers' expertise through a meticulous journey of evaluation. This voyage encompasses an insightful interview process and exhaustive code reviews, ensuring that we curate a team of developers whose skills and insights seamlessly align with your envisioned mobile app development journey.


Leading business to success with iOS app development

Single budget mode

Within this framework, we establish the complete cost for your app at the project's inception, and this financial blueprint remains unwavering until your iOS application sees its grand release.

Resource-based mode

At our iOS app development company, we present a dynamic and transparent pricing model, affording you mastery over your budget by billing exclusively for the resources harnessed throughout the project lifecycle.

Team mode

If you are venturing into an extensive, long-term iOS app development endeavor, this pathway is optimally tailored to your needs. Engaging a proficient ensemble encompassing graphic designers and seasoned iOS app developers expedites the journey, ensuring your project reaches fruition with unprecedented swiftness and excellence.


We Take Pride in Delivering Exceptional Results to Our Clients, Funded Startups or Enterprises of any Size!

Social Media Networks

Within the tapestry of our iOS app development team lies a wealth of experience spanning over a decade, dedicated to crafting an array of captivating social networking applications.

  • Messaging apps
  • Photo and video sharing apps
  • Dating apps
  • Location-based networking apps
  • Gaming apps
  • Augmented reality apps


In the realm of iOS app development, our company excels at curating retail and eCommerce applications that transcend expectations, delivering an unparalleled shopping journey for users.

  • Online Marketplace Apps
  • Retail Apps
  • Grocery Delivery Apps
  • Fashion Apps
  • Restaurant Delivery Apps
  • Pharmacy Apps


At URTEQi, we possess the adeptness to forge healthcare applications that empower patients with tools to seamlessly monitor their health, conveniently schedule appointments, and access vital medical counsel. Moreover, we're on the cusp of unveiling an app that facilitates remote doctor consultations, heralding a new era of healthcare accessibility and convenience.

  • Fitness and exercise apps
  • Diet and nutrition apps
  • Medication management apps
  • Telemedicine apps
  • Mental health & anxiety management apps
  • Electronic health record apps


Within the realms of URTEQi, we specialize in conceiving travel and hospitality applications enriched with native languages. Our creations serve as immersive portals, offering real-time updates on flights, accommodations, and an array of captivating activities.

  • Hotel Booking Apps
  • Flight Booking Apps
  • Travel Planning Apps
  • Tourist Guide Apps
  • Car Rental Apps
  • Travel Insurance Apps


Within the corridors of our iOS app development agency, we are passionately crafting educational applications that serve as catalysts for student learning and growth. Our creations transcend traditional boundaries, offering a rich tapestry of features including video lectures, interactive quizzes, engaging gamification elements, and more. These exceptional tools pave the way for transformative educational experiences.

  • E learning apps
  • Language learning apps
  • Interactive textbooks
  • Virtual reality and augmented reality apps
  • Note taking app


Leveraging our profound expertise in iOS mobile and web app development, we embark on a mission to reimagine and invigorate the realm of financing. Our endeavours are centred around streamlining complex financial processes, infusing them with a fresh perspective to make them not only accessible but also captivating and intriguing.

  • Mobile banking apps
  • Payment processing apps
  • Investment apps
  • Budgeting apps
  • Personal financial management apps
  • Crypto and stock tracking apps


Within our roster of skilled iOS app developers lies the prowess to curate entertainment applications that promise a distinctive and immersive encounter for users. Our creative canvas extends to the realm of gaming, music streaming, video streaming, and beyond, promising a spectrum of captivating experiences that captivate and delight.

  • Social Media App
  • Music Streaming Apps
  • Video Streaming Apps
  • Sports Apps
  • Event Ticketing Apps
  • AR/VR Apps


CIn addition to our core iOS app development expertise, we specialize in constructing insurance and web applications that streamline the claims process, furnish timely alerts, and present comprehensive insurance solutions. Moreover, our adept developers excel in crafting bespoke mobile and web apps tailored for insurance agents, facilitating seamless management of clients and policies, thus elevating operational efficiency.

  • Claim filing and tracking apps
  • Quote comparison apps
  • Insurance calculator
  • Policy management apps
  • Insurance brokers apps
  • Safety and risk management apps